Hulu-gans and Second Rate Puns

July 8, 2008

PC World of Canada recently named Hulu as the number one product of 2008.

(Yeah, I know, right?)

Their list of the “100 Best Products of 2008” included a collection of various fanboy favorites, everything from the addicting sketchiness of Craigslist to the Guitar Hero semblance of Rockband. However, before I continue, let’s get this straight: Hulu (basically, an online television where you watch the SNL clips that were taken off of YouTube) outranked the iPhone, Facebook, Wikipedia, and the Nintendo Wii. Did I miss something?

It gets more confusing. Products like YouTube, Ubuntu Linux and Digg keep each other a miserable company at the bottom of the heap. Pardon my crude skepticism, but this leads me to believe that something has possibly gone awry here.

Dear Hulu fans, I care not to dismiss your alternative to television. But I do care to dismiss its rise to number one (in Canada). With its lack of content availability, unfriendly video player and its refusal to accept my Default Photo, I can’t afford to buy in to its free service. Is this the same guy responsible for putting UC Berkeley as the fourteenth hottest university in America?


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